USAID - Azerbaijan Expenditure Profile


USAID Europe & Eurasia Bureau, Government of Azerbaijan.

Key Results & Outcomes

Quantified infrastructure gap and the tremendous investment necessary to meet the minimum EU requirements; the sector breakdown allowed the government to prioritize its expenditure planning;

With oil revenues soaring, GBSI was on an engagement to develop infrastructure expenditure profiles for Azerbaijan that took into account the absorptive capacity of the economy and IMF targets. The main aim was looking at the long-term view of European Union (EU) accession; the current state of infrastructure, the gaps relative to the minimum requirements for EU accession, and the investment needs.

• Evaluated historical data and budgets for baseline figures.

• Researched production, consumption, cost and affordability, quality
of service, etc. details to check efficacy of budget and historical data.

• Conducted key person interviews and data analysis

• Quantified infrastructure gap for EU accession